Dip powder
What is it?

Dip powder is an innovative new trend taking over the nail industry. Dip powder is a safe healthy alternative to traditional acrylics and gel polish. Not only is there minimal odor but dip powder nails can be applied in about half of time as acrylics. After soaking the powder off for removal, your nails are letf healthy nad beautiful. QUEEN NAILS Dip powder is offered in hundreds of colors that include solids, shimmers, glitters and cutting-edge color changing shades. In addition to all of these options , dip powder is more durable than gel polish and equally as durable as traditional acrylics. With the ability to create the eye catching shine of gel polish as well as the perfect pink and white smile line, dip powder is a great solution for salon owners. Because application takes half the time of a traditional acrylic application, more clients will be in the chairs and profits will increase.

Benefits include:

    • No UV light needed

    • No damage to nail

    • Mirror shine

    • Odor free

    • Easy removal

  • Healthier nails with Vit E and Calcium
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Technique simple et rapide en 3 étapes

Step 1

Gel Pro Base allows the powder (system dip powder) of color to adhere and form the nail in successive layers.

Step 2

The Activator is used to seal and harden the previous layers (dip powder system).

Step 3

The Finish Gel shines and protects the nail from the harmful rays of the sun (exclusive use for the dip powder system).